Permanent Residency in a Prime Location

Published on: 02.12.2020

Opulent homes featuring a meticulous eco-design, smart automation and a uniquely luxurious living experience. Numerous investors from throughout the world travel thousands of miles to experience this one-of-a-kind lifestyle, available to anyone who chooses to purchase a sun-kissed Citrine Estates holiday home.  

However, there are so many additional advantages to investing in a Citrine Estates home apart from the aforementioned core experience.

Why Citrine Estates?

Citrine Estates is in an idyllic, tranquil yet central prime location in the exclusive western Limassol neighbourhood of Zakaki. Situated in a stunning natural landscape rife with citrus trees, Citrine Estates’ lavish eco-smart homes are only a few minutes’ drive from one of the island’s largest shopping centres, My Mall Limassol, the upcoming Limassol Greens Golf Resort, the Limassol Marina and the city’s historic centre with its landmarks like the medieval Limassol Castle, Agora, Ayia Napa Cathedral and the Ottoman Grand Mosque.

Our development’s true strategic advantage, however, is its unique position adjacent to the City of Dreams Mediterranean, Europe’s first and largest integrated casino resort. Upon completion, the City of Dreams will feature a luxurious spa, over 1000 gaming machines, 100 tables and an all-encompassing pool area. Citrine Estates investors are in a prime location enabling them to take advantage of these elite amenities, especially as investors are granted an exclusive membership and discount card issued by the casino.

Cyprus Permanent Residency

Also available to anyone who invests in a Citrine Estates property worth over €300,000 is one of Europe’s finest fast track residence programmes, the Cyprus Permanent Residency scheme.

The application is an extremely easy process, as no language proficiency or any sort of academic qualification is required to receive the visa. Additionally, the application process may be initiated from anywhere in the world. However, a visit to Cyprus is required once every two years.

If successful, the investor as well as their immediate family (if they wish to extend the application to include them) is entitled to residence in Cyprus, as well as European Union standard healthcare and education. Apart from a lifetime residency permit in Cyprus so long as the investor maintains ownership of their property, permanent residents can also look forward to the ability to easily travel throughout Europe. A Schengen Visa, valid for 2 years, can be arranged for permanent residents in Cyprus within a period of 7 days. Furthermore, the successful acquisition of a Cyprus Permanent Residency visa opens the path to Cypriot citizenship, which may be received following 7 years of continued residency on the island.

Permanent residence in Cyprus is also financially beneficial. Although employment is not an option for holders of a Permanent Residence visa, permanent residents can still hold shares in a Cypriot registered company and reap the numerous benefits. Furthermore, whilst the investor and their family are not enjoying the property themselves, they can choose to rent their Citrine holiday home and receive their guaranteed higher return on investment, especially as Limassol is a Mediterranean holiday hot spot in high-demand.

If all conditions are met, the investor’s application is 100% likely to be approved and issued within a short period of approximately 60 days.  

Citrine Estates Awaits

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Apart from luxurious holidays in the sun, the incredible opportunity to become a permanent resident in a prime location next to one of the largest casino resorts in the region in one of the most prominent Mediterranean cities is available to anyone who purchases a Citrine Estates property.

What are you waiting for? Invest in one of Citrine Estates’ high demand properties whilst you still can.

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